High Performance 5W30 Engine Oil
High Performance 5W30 Engine Oil

High Performance 5W30 Engine Oil

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   The all-season engine, with exceptional viscosity index.

   Excellent fluidity at low temperatures.

   Universal motor oil for gasoline and diesel engines, with or without diesel particulate filter.

   Compatible with turbocharger and catalyst.

   Provides better operation and longer engine life.

   Significantly reduces fuel and oil consumption, as well as polluting gas emissions.

   Guarantees complete and rapid lubrication of the motor.

   Excellent engine cleanliness, high lubrication safety.

   Guarantees optimal lubrication in extreme conditions of use.

  Extended oil change intervals: every 50,000 km or every 2 years.

   Also suitable for passenger cars running on gas (CNG/LPG).

   Compliant with Euro IV, V and VI emission standards.


•   Turn off your vehicle and let the engine cool for 15 minutes.

•   Remove the plug from the filler hole.

•   Using a funnel, pour in 100ml of engine oil, then wait 10 minutes.

•   Check the oil level with the dipstick.

   Add more oil, pouring in 100ml each time and checking the level until you have reached the recommended level.

•   Close the filling hole.

•   Do not overfill with oil, as too much lubricant can lead to blown seals, carbon deposits on engine walls and catalytic converter failure.